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The just-dial card makes it easier for you to stay in touch with friends and family from the UK more often. This fantastic just-dial phone service offers low cost international calls to any country with pre-paid call credit to your mobile. Now, all thatís left to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of international prepaid calling credit direct to your mobile phone via SMS. 

Cheap International Calls

Just-dial card saves you money with low cost international calls from your mobile phone, so whether you're calling to just say hi, or to share a special event like Christmas Day in Ukraine or South Africa for Mothering Sunday, you can keep in touch with family or friends wherever you are in the world. To see our low cost international call rates, select the country you would like to call from the list:

Select your country from the list

Great, but how do I pay?

The cost of the calls you make is charged to your mobile bill or your Pay As You Go credit. Don't forget:

  • You can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt
  • You can call from any phone - just enter the PIN from your confirmation text message

Staying in touch with Friends and Family.

We all like to make contact on important days and holidays. You can cheap call Australia at Christmas time. Or cheap call India at Diwali. Cheap international calls are a great reason to stay in touch with friends and family at special times and all year round.