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How to be a good agent

Being enthusiastic about the just-dial service is all you need to be a successful just-dial agent.

If you appreciate cheap calls and great call quality, and so do your friends and family, then it's really easy to make money by just recommending the service to them.

Why not join us as an agent and you can earn money the next time you recommend us to family, friends or colleagues.

The more people you tell, the more you can earn - because we'll pay you commission for every minute and every text they send using your unique access numbers and keywords. It could add up to hundreds every month. What's more, if you know other people who'd like to be agents and you introduce them to just-dial, you could earn commission on their unique numbers too!

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of people who are already benefiting from being a just-dial agent:

  • Students who find it a good way to keep their student loans under control - and want some extra money to enhance their social lives
  • Retired people and others with a big social network - through clubs and activities - who want to maintain their lifestyle
  • Charities or other organisations who increase their income while offering a valuable service to their supporters or clients
  • People who want a part-time venture to help boost their income - such as mums at home with children
  • Full-time agents who build a long-term profitable business over the Web or in their community
  • People who have access to ethnic communities or clubs e.g. Polish, Chinese etc

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