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Just Dial for cheap international calls

Just Dial offer cheap international calls either from your landline or mobile phone.

If you're looking for cheaper international calls just-dial.com is the place for you! Whether you're calling Australia or Argentina you can find a cheap call rate with Just Dial.

You can make cheap calls with Just Dial Instant by calling our cheap international access numbers. You pay your existing home phone provider for the call to our access number and will get no bill from us.

Click here to find the rate to your destination when calling from a landline with Just Dial Instant.

If you make calls on the move then you can still make cheaper international calls from your mobile. Simply send a text message to pre pay for calling credit and then call our 0207 access number to make your call.

Click here to find a rate to your destination when calling from a mobile with topup2talk.

About Just-Dial

Just Dial is a trademark and trading style of WaveCrest Networks Ltd a Company registered in England and Wales under the number 03290227 and VAT NO 926 8209 06 with registered office located at
1st Floor Bishopsgate Court,
4-12 Norton Folgate,
E1 6DB.

For further information; please visit http://www.wavecrest.eu/

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